Carrying Weapons on School Grounds in Dulles, Virginia: What You Need to Know

It is strictly prohibited to carry weapons on School Board property in Dulles, Virginia according to Virginia law. Learn more about gun safety regulations and exceptions.

Carrying Weapons on School Grounds in Dulles, Virginia: What You Need to Know

It is strictly prohibited to carry weapons on School Board property in Dulles, Virginia. According to Virginia law, reckless handling of firearms is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. This means that any form of reckless driving that endangers a person or property is considered a crime. If the offence is committed while hunting or trapping, the civil penalty of revocation of the license may also be imposed.

Additionally, recklessly allowing children access to firearms is punishable as a class 3 misdemeanor. In order to promote gun safety, Senator Norment has proposed requiring that students in all grades in all schools receive gun safety education for a minimum of two hours, and that classes be taught by a police or military instructor. However, classes wouldn't actually use weapons. Current law allows programs in elementary schools, if local school boards so desire, without any specific restrictions on the use of weapons.

Loudoun County codified ordinances describe the distances required to shoot outdoors, as well as the places where people can shoot within the county. Firing firearms within 100 meters of a building with a valid occupancy permit is prohibited, unless the owner or an authorized agent has given it. Other restrictions that prohibit the firing of firearms in certain parts of the county are also addressed. It's also illegal to shoot on the other side of a road and within a right of way.

On the other hand, the legislation introduced to date by members of the Republican group requires taking small steps in the other direction. A bill introduced would repeal the ban on carrying weapons and other weapons to places of worship. Another would allow firefighters and EMTs to carry concealed weapons to schools and other places where weapons are prohibited. A person who sells a firearm to another person in Virginia without obtaining the required background check can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor.

Brandishing a firearm near a school is considered a class 6 felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. Senator Emmett Hanger has proposed allowing those who carry concealed weapons to carry a stun gun on school property, as long as the person remains in their car, in the parking lot or in the pick-up line. Exceptions to this law include a person who has a valid permit to carry concealed weapons and possesses a concealed handgun while in a motorized vehicle in a parking lot, roundabout, or other means of getting in or out of school. It will be illegal for anyone who is hunting with a loaded firearm to cross the campus of a school or public park or to be less than 100 meters from the campus or park.

A Virginia court has ruled that you cannot wield a deadly weapon solely in defense of personal property. The safety message includes information relating to the Virginia Code on the reckless handling of a firearm (§ 18,2-56); the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) requirements for certain weapons or accessories, such as fully automatic weapons and silencers, that require a specific seal; and Loudoun County Coded Ordinance 684 regarding the unloading of firearms in Loudoun County. This subsection shall not prohibit (i) the lawful possession of a firearm when the firearm is carried for personal safety reasons or (ii) the lawful possession of a firearm on a public road less than 100 meters from any public school or public park. The owner will acknowledge in an affidavit that it will be filed in the registry in the event or cases in which he has regained possession of the weapon in question.

Such a provision may include the destruction of the weapons or, subject to the registration requirements established in federal law, the sale of firearms to an authorized dealer of such firearms, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 22.1 (§ 19.2-386.1 et seq.).