Monitoring Students for Safety in Dulles, Virginia

Learn how Dulles International Airport is ensuring student safety through noise monitoring and other measures.

Monitoring Students for Safety in Dulles, Virginia

The Dulles International Airport has been a bustling hub of activity since its installation in 1978.

Federal regulations

prohibit the use of noise levels measured in real time to audit, investigate, or enforce the DCA nighttime noise standard. In addition to this, researchers, teachers and students are pushing the boundaries of knowledge in interdisciplinary STEM-based disciplines. Last January, a significant amount of suspected fentanyl pills were seized at Dulles International Airport. The locations of the noise monitors were determined in collaboration with the Washington Metropolitan Government Council and were placed along flight corridors that line Dulles' international runways.

The school is also prepared to revolutionize healthcare delivery and policies on a local, national and global scale. Taylor Brock's son was filmed with a cellphone when a classmate drowned him on a school bus at Walt Whitman High School in Alexandria. A guide from the Virginia Department of Education states that, although schools are not legally responsible for enforcing a court order, safety must remain a priority. Faculty, graduate students and research scientists are working with government and corporate partners to promote knowledge in life and health sciences, big data and data analysis, high-performance computing, energy science and technology, infrastructure security engineering, and other STEM disciplines.